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We currently have a variation of programs that are delivered by our artists; Mental Health, Drug Education & Peer pressure / Relationships / Online Safety, & Cyber Bullying / Discrimination & British Values / Careers & Aspirations. Body Image and LGBTQ+ are new for 2021.


We work on morning or afternoon sessions so that the artists can attend two schools per day. Each session lasts one hour, but can be tailored to your specific timetable needs.

The program is suitable for all secondary school students, and is modified for different age groups. We find the sessions work best when they are being delivered to groups of around 200 - 250 pupils, but we can accommodate greater or smaller numbers to suit your needs. Depending on your school's timetable, you may be able to have multiple sessions with different groups of pupils.


Below are some brief details on what content is covered in the sessions; for more detailed information feel free to email us at info@theprimeagency.com

Some example details of the messages delivered by artists are below;


Mental Health, Online Safety & Cyber Bullying Message


Our artists give advice on how to stay safe online (Never giving out personal information, never meeting strangers online, safety on social network sites, following rules of your parents on the internet etc) as well as discussing cyber bullying and where to go for help. They will also discuss personal stories ie a time one of them was affected by cyber bullying, how they felt at the time, how they reacted, and the outcome of the situation. On top of this, they will discuss mental health, the causes of mental health problems (stress at school, relationships etc), a time they have had their own mental health issues, who to turn to for help and the importance of speaking up. The talk is very interactive and gets the pupils involved.                                                                          


Drug Education & Peer Pressure Message


The artists discuss core substances such as alcohol, tobacco, and some illicit drugs such as marijuana. Within the DARE approved drug education message, our artists also include examples of how they made good life choices when they were offered these substances when they were at school. They will talk through how these situations arose, their reactions, what they did, along with the risks and consequences of the situation. The main message of the presentation is to empower students to “make the right decisions in life”, and to “live a healthy lifestyle”.                                                        


Careers, Aspirations & Bullying Message


Our artists discuss the importance of working hard at school, why education is so important, how education impacts later life and the options pupils have after school as well as discussing their own personal stories and achievements. On top of this the artists will give advice on how to respond to bullying or cyber bullying reflecting on personal experiences as well as discussing ways to stay safe online. The talk is very interactive and gets the pupils involved.


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