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Bailey 333

Delivering a Mental Health, Drug Education & Peer Pressure Message - Bailey333 is the nom de guerre of Dublin-based, teenage rapper / singer-songwriter Bailey Egan. The triple 3’s signify his birthday - 3rd March 2003.

Bailey333 started to make music in the spring of 2020. Lockdown was in full effect so it gave him a great opportunity to stay home and focus on developing his mic skills. Bailey333 is proving himself to be a master on TikTok, with over 500 million views on the platform to date and he was booked at numerous big festivals over the Summer. He has had his own struggles with mental health / peer pressure growing up, so feels he is in the perfect position to deliver such a positive message to young people all over the UK. He also has some very relevant stories regarding drugs and substance abuse to share with pupils to highlight the dangers and to showcase how important it is to live a healthy lifestyle and make smart life choices.

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